Warriors vs. Cavaliers Game 2 live blog

Warriors need to tighten on defense

Despite the Warriors starting the game shooting 10-11, they still only have a four-point lead with five minutes left in the first quarter, which is a bit odd. The Warriors had the number one defense in the postseason entering the Finals, yet in the Finals so far, their defense has looked pretty weak. Of course part of this is due to the gravity and unbelievable talent of LeBron James, as well as the absence of Andre Iguodala, a superb wing defender, for the Warriors, but it is still inexcusable and worrisome — especially when your team still features the reigning Defensive Player of the Year. The Warriors need to tighten up their defensive rotations, ensuring that help is available while also eliminating the amount of open 3s for the Cavaliers. While this is certainly difficult, they’ve been doing it throughout the Playoffs so far and need to start doing it again very quickly.

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