Top 10 moments from 2017-18 NBA season

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors had a fantastic season in 2017-18, one filled with beautiful moments capped off by another title.

After claiming the 2017 NBA title, the Golden State Warriors were looking to make it back-to-back championships heading into the 2017-18 season.

Despite such an immense talent level, it wasn’t always easy for the Warriors. They struggled quite a bit during the regular season, trying to find the motivation that comes and goes once you’ve played into June the last three years.

The team simply didn’t have the same fire and desire as some of their previous runs, no doubt due to the wear and tear that accumulates both physically and mentally.

Once the playoff basketball came around, Golden State’s run to the title didn’t come as easy as the prior year, with teams more suited to stifle them on a consistent basis.

Yes, they still wound up holding the Larry O’Brien trophy high in the air when it was all said and done, but watching them, it was easy to see their struggles at times.

Even so, with a team loaded with star power, there are bound to be plenty of highlight-worthy moments with which to look back on in wonder and amazement. It’s inevitable.

With Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant still in the prime of their careers, Klay Thompson as lights-out as ever and Draymond Green‘s all-around excellence, the Warriors have proven to be one of the best shows in all of sports. Here’s a look back on their 10 best moments of the 2017-18 campaign.

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