The Curry-Perkins incident shows how edgy Warriors-Cavaliers is

Steph Curry and the Warriors weren’t pleased with the fact that Kendrick Perkins made no attempt to move his legs out of Curry’s way.

The 2018 NBA Finals is only two games in, but there certainly has been no shortage of friction between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. It might have something to do with the fact that they are playing each other in the Finals for the fourth straight year. They are more than acquainted with each other, and at this point, all they want to do is just beat each other down.

Whatever it is, both of these teams seem to very on edge right now. Just about anything and everything is setting them off, especially the Warriors. They seem to be extra irritable right now, and even a very minor incident in Game 2 between Steph Curry and Kendrick Perkins showed that.

As the final seconds of the third quarter wound down, Curry found himself in the corner near the Cavaliers bench and he let the final shot fly. As he watched the ball, he took a few steps backward and nearly stumbled over the legs of the inactive Perkins, who was slouching on the bench in his suit and tie. The interesting part was that Perkins made absolutely no attempt whatsoever to move his legs or his feet, and apparently that was what set Curry and the Warriors off.

Curry immediately turned around to say a word to the big man, and Perkins then rose from his comfortable chair to return the favor. As words were exchanged, players from both teams began to crowd around the area to make sure nothing was going to get out of hand. Curry eventually walked away, shaking his head in annoyance.

This came after a Game 1 that was heaped in drama, mainly the feud between Draymond Green and Tristan Thompson that escalated after Thompson shoved the basketball in Green’s face, as well as some jarring between Curry and LeBron James in which James gave Curry a very light shove. Obviously, this Game 2 incident between Curry and Perkins goes to show that just about anything is setting these teams off right now.

Perkins not moving his legs is nothing for anybody to make a big deal about, as he was doing nothing but sitting on his team’s bench. But the Warriors apparently were concerned that Curry could’ve suffered an ankle or knee injury of some sort if he had actually taken a fall over Perkins’ legs.

The fact that something this minor caused a stir near the Cavs bench, enough that players from both teams had to crowd around to smooth things over, shows how irritable both of these teams are right now. Don’t expect that to change as the Finals shift to Cleveland for Game 3 on Wednesday.

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