Ranking the most expendable players right now

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As great as this Los Angeles Lakers team could be in 2018-19, there are still a handful of expendable players Magic Johnson wouldn’t hesitate to let go.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll start to see this Los Angeles Lakers roster take shape. As Magic Johnson, Rob Pelinka and Luke Walton start to pare it down to the final 15 players, it’ll be interesting to see who gets slotted into which roles.

For now, all we can do is speculate on who fits where. Based on what we know about each player’s talent, history, contract and potential role on this roster though, it isn’t too difficult to imagine which players are the most expendable at this point in time.

Unfortunately, it’s part of the NBA — and professional sports for that matter. As we’ve seen many examples of in recent memory, it’s a business and teams aren’t afraid to sever ties at the drop of a hat. Although being expendable and tradable are two very different things, that doesn’t mean the Lakers wouldn’t hit the eject button on someone if it made them a better team.

That’s why, with the regular season just around the corner, it made sense to explore who the Lakers’ most expendable players are heading into 2018-19.

So with that in mind, here are the three players who could be sent packing at any given moment. Keep in mind that this list only includes the players who figure to make the final roster. It excludes players who are probably only around for the preseason like Joel Berry and Johnathan Williams.

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