Official 2018-19 NBA season preview

Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

The Detroit Pistons have a big year ahead of them, as they look to see the results of offseason changes. Will they finally progress or remain mediocre?

The Detroit Pistons‘ 2017-18 season continued their mediocre history from the last 10 or so years. The team consistently finishes around ninth or 10th in the Eastern Conference, which limits their future. While they were close to making the postseason, they missed it and were unable to pick within the upper tier of this strong draft class. Sweeping changes were made this offseason, as they looked to move on from the past and onto the future.

The Pistons’ 2018-19 season kicks off in just a few weeks. A new era is being ushered with a new head coach, a transforming roster and a new vision for this franchise. This team has some interesting possibilities, and fans will be excited to see their first true glimpse when they kick off their season on Oct. 17 against the Brooklyn Nets.

They worked to make their team better on both ends of the floor in the present, while they also worked to build for their future. Without a premium draft pick, they were able to add a couple exciting young pieces to this team, though they may not receive a ton of playing time right off the bat due to playing already crowded positions. They have been viewed as possible future starters after this season.

We’re going to cover everything, from some big storylines to watch to this team’s ceiling and floor. It’s going to be an exciting new year in the Motor City, and so here’s a look at the Detroit Pistons’ 2018-19 NBA season preview

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