LeBron James, Draymond Green rock shorts suits for Game 2

It remains to be seen if the 2018 NBA Finals heat up even more during Game 2, but the sartorial battle is on and shorts suits are, for some reason, the battlefield.

Unless Game 1 is as good as it gets, there’s every chance the 2018 NBA Finals could still turn into one to remember, despite it featuring the seemingly umpteenth meeting between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. However, there’s another way the series is already making an indelible impressions, and that’s because of the unexpected starring role for shorts suits among the players’ pre-game outfits.

They first made a splash before Game 1, when LeBron James proudly sported a shorts suit — which is exactly what it sounds like, a suit that just happens to have shorts that fall above the knee instead of pants — on his way to the arena.

A one-off fashion choice? As it turns out, no.

Not to be outdone, Warriors forward Draymond Green, not exactly the shrinking violet type, rocked his take on the look as well prior to Game 2.

What in the name of exposed male legs is going on here? We’re not 100 percent sure, as we’re pretty much only familiar with shorts suits as the domain of AC/DC guitar player Angus Young, and the legendary guitar player was going for more of a schoolboy feel with his get-ups.

This is something completely different. It says, “Yes, the situation probably calls for a suit, but suits are pretty darn hot, and it’s summer. Also, we’re very wealthy NBA players so it’s possible you just don’t understand fashion like we do.”

All of those things are probably true. We did find this site showing off a wide range of brightly colored shorts suits, so maybe this is more of a thing than we knew. There are plenty more questions to be raised, not the least of which is whether you could show up for a formal business meeting in one of these, but now we’re going to be anxiously watching the arrivals for the rest of the series to see if more of them show up.

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