Is Stephen Curry the NBA’s best shooter ever?

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Most agree Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is today’s best shooter. But is he the NBA’s greatest 3-point splasher of all time?

Stephen Curry owns the NBA’s single-season record, sinking 402 3-pointers in 2015-16. He also holds the mark for most treys in a game, at 13. Combine Steph’s sweet stroke with his quickness and ball-handling? The product is a historically dynamic 3-point game, excelling in both percentage and volume.

There’s a reason Curry’s jersey sales led the NBA for three consecutive seasons. The excitement he provides is unlike any player in the league.

The NBA has a strong history of electric shooters. First there was Larry Bird, a tall sharpshooter who rarely produced dud games. Then came Reggie Miller, a dead-eye clutch master — seemingly born to torture the New York Knicks. Later was Ray Allen, a sugary-sweet shooter who was unfazed by any defender. Now we have the Golden State Warriors and the infamous Splash Brothers, torturing opponents in the Bay Area.

The question is, where does Steph rank on the all-time shooting list? Could he finish first? Or do gunners like Ray or Reggie still outrank him? Let’s take an in-depth look at the NBA’s best shooters to reach a verdict.

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