A trade proposition for the Indiana Pacers

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With the Indiana Pacers seemingly on the precipice of something special, here’s a trade proposal from the Miami Heat that could hasten their rise.

Breaking up a winning formula is never easy.

However, in the case of the Indiana Pacers, it may be the key to breaking through to the next level.

Expected to finish near the bottom of the standings following the trade last summer of Paul George, the Pacers defied all expectations in posting a 48-34 record while taking the Cleveland Cavaliers to seven games in their first round playoff series.

In response to this unexpected rise, the Pacers have been busy over the summer, signing key free agents in Tyreke Evans, Doug McDermott and Kyle O’Quinn. However, there’s no reason why they have to stop there.

Like the Pacers, the Miami Heat were also bounced in the first round of the playoffs, and overall performed as well as could be expected considering the amount of injuries sustained by key players over the course of the season.

However, while the Pacers are looking upwards and onwards, the Heat find themselves in no man’s land, stuck with a bursting salary cap featuring a number of costly deals, thus limiting their flexibility moving forward.

Considering this, it’s only reasonable that each team should consider a trade proposition that is mutually beneficial for a number of reasons.

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