3 stats that describe Stephen Curry’s game perfectly


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Stephen Curry’s advanced stats excel in eye-popping fashion. Which numbers best account for Steph Curry being … Steph Curry? 

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors captured the league by storm in 2014. Three years later, this clan shows no signs of decline. In April, the NBA announced its 2017-18 jersey sales numbers. Steph sat atop the list … for the third consecutive season (USA Today).

This popularity is not without justification. Steph averaged 26.4 points and 6.1 assists in 2017-18 (ESPN). Quite frankly, he looked bored in the process. Rounding his 49.5 field goal percentage, Curry attained the NBA’s coveted 50/40/90 mark.

Factoring his similar accomplishment in 2015-16, Steph is the only player to hit this mark since Kevin Durant in 2012-13 (ESPN).

Sports Illustrated ranked Steph third-best among NBA superstars. Only Durant and LeBron sit ahead of him. Of the top seven, Curry is the only player without either hulking size or mind-boggling athleticism.

He achieves greatness the old-fashioned way — with a practiced and perfected skill set.

Steph’s game can be dissected through several advanced statistics. These numbers demonstrate his ability to score with ease, splash his silky shot, and manuever to the hoop. Let’s take a look.

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