3 goals for Jeremy Lin in 2018-19 NBA season

Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

After missing all but one game with a knee injury last year, Jeremy Lin looks to regain his form in his first season with the Atlanta Hawks.

When the Atlanta Hawks acquired Jeremy Lin from the Brooklyn Nets via trade this offseason, they accomplished two things. First, the trade allowed them to move on from Dennis Schroder, who didn’t want to play there anymore. Second, it gave the team a solid point guard that can either back up or play alongside prized draft selection Trae Young.

It was the best move for both sides. For Atlanta, they get a seasoned point man with a solid pick-and-roll game on a deal that only lasts through this season. Meanwhile, Lin gets a much-needed change of scenery. With D’Angelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie expected to get the bulk of the minutes in Brooklyn, Lin would have been the odd man out in that scenario, so the team traded him to a team that could use his offensive talents.

To be clear, Lin is not the long-term answer for the Hawks at point guard. However, that does not mean that they couldn’t benefit from a productive season from the former New York Knicks phenom. Lin has a lot to prove after missing virtually all of last season with a knee injury, so here are some things that he could do to put 2017-18 behind him.

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